The workshop, organized by ASEFMA under the theme “From ecodesign to green public procurement: tools for quantifying environmental impacts”, has been structured in two parts. The first dealt with the foundations of environmental impact assessments, analyzing the various existing alternatives such as ecodesign, environmental product declarations or indicators; while in the second part, registered attendees were able to carry out practical exercises with the SEVE software through restricted use licenses that will be provided in the workshop.

The program:

  1. Presentation of the workshop by Juan José Potti, president of ASEFMA and the PTC
  2. Paper on “Environmental impacts in the road sector”, by Alberto Moral, CARTIF researcher
  3. Explanation of the “Methods of quantification of environmental impacts”, by Francisco Campo, from IK Ingeniería
  4. Presentation of “The experience of SEVE in France”, by Mael Buannic, technical director in the Union of the French road industry (USIRF)
  5. Practices with SEVE software

In the second point, Alberto Moral of the CARTIF Foundation included the BATTLE CO2 project in his presentation, highlighting the process that is being carried out to minimize the environmental impacts in the road sector.