LIFE Europe Project

End of Project Seminar

Videos of the end of Project Seminar that took place on April 24 in Madrid at the Headquarters of the European Commission, are available below:


1. Opening

  • Mª Rosario Cornejo, Technical Director of the General Directorate of Roads of the Ministry of Public Works
  • Juan José Potti, President of the Spanish Road Technology Platform and President of ASEFMA.

2. R&D support by partners of the consortium

  • Nuria García, Director of Management of the Agro-Food and Processes Division, CARTIF
  • Jose Luis Peña, Managing Director of the Spanish Road Technology Platform
  • Carlos García, Head of R&D of COLLOSA

3. Overview of the BATTLECO2 project (Alberto Moral, CARTIF)

4. The importance of environmental declarations (Francisco Campo, IK Ingeniería)

5. Practical experience in the manufacture of mixes with biomass (Carlos García, COLLOSA)

6. Environmental and socioeconomic results of the project (Alberto Moral, CARTIF)

7. Innovation and ecological public procurement (José Luis Peña, PTCarretera)

8. Application of ecological public procurement in Spain in the road sector (Albert Gómez, Generalitat de Cataluña)

9. The LIFE Program of the European Union. Current and future perspectives (Santiago Santillán, Representante de Punto de Contacto Nacional del programa LIFE)

10. The LCA in the paving sector (Marcos Perelli, CEDEX)