Europe LIFE Project

Actions and means involved

LIFE BATTLE CO2 Project inolves a high demonstration character. The actions are focused on the technical, economic and environmental feasibility of fossil fuels substitution in asphalt mix manufacturing plants, specifically in the three main points of emissions (aggregate drying, bitumen heating and electricity generation):


Action C1.

CARTIF y COLLOSA will participate in the design and commission of the new equipment for the bitumen heating, fed with biomass. The equipment parameters will be established, as well as the connections to the industrial asphalt plant of COLLOSA, biomass storage, feeding systems,etc.


Action C2.

The same process will be developed in the aggregates heating system process, which implies the acquisition of a biomass burner specifically designed for an aggregate drier, including the storage silos, feeding systems, conveyor belts for aggregates movement,etc.


Action C3.

Design process and operational parameters for the electricity generation device ORC in charge of obtaining the electricity necessary for the plant operation from the gases of the biomass combustion in aggreggates and bitumen heating. With this new configuration, the electricity autonomy of the plant will be assured. 


Action 4.

New devices will be installed in a COLLOSA asphalt mix industrial plant, as modular equipment that will allow the plant operation in the conventional way or including biomass use.


Action 5.

Several tests will be carried out, according to the normative, to evaluate the quality of the products, validating the new process from the product properties point of view. In order to optimize the use of biomass, ashes from combustion will be tested as innovative material for soil stabilization, substituting high impact materials used currently for this purpose (cement, lime).


Action C6.

COLLOSA will be in charge of the demo-phase, manufacturing different kind of asphalt mixes and laying them in the construction site, so technical, environmental and economic feasibility of the new process will be proved. 


Action C7.

Several activities will be carried out in order to develop a new “product category rule” dossier, necessary for the generation of a new Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) of asphalt mix. Currently there are very few EPD of asphalt mix in Europe, so the culmination of the proejct will be the generation of the first one, including the environmental results of COLLOSA and allowing other companies to subscribe the same label according ISO 14025.