Last Tuesday, November 6, a technical conference on environmental and cost analysis in the life cycle of pavements and pavements organized by CEDEX and ATC took place in Madrid.

The objective of the conference was to disseminate the Life Cycle and Life Cycle Analysis methodologies applied to
the roads in general and the roads in particular as very useful tools and applicability, mainly in the field of labeling and certification, as well as in the Green Public Procurement and Contracting (CCPV).

On the other hand, in the round tables that closed both the morning session and the afternoon session, reflection and debate was held on the
application of the environmental criteria in the road sector, as well as on the challenges and opportunities that it faces, first from the point of view of the Public Administrations and later from the perspective of the business sector. For this, it was attended by relevant representatives in both sectors.

During the event, BattleCO2 project was presented and the start-up of the development of specific product categories for asphalt mixtures by the CARTIF Foundation was presented.