During 2018 important progress has been achieved in the implementation of the Basque Country GPP Programme 2020.

So far 30 public entities, covering all types of authorities, have joined the Programme. About one third are Basque Government public companies, another third local public companies and the rest local and regional entities (municipalities, counties…). 77% of those authorities shared their annual GPP plans for 2018, which included not only priority product groups to procure with environmental criteria, but also actions to integrate GPP in their procurement tools, platforms and resources.

In that regard, Ihobe (technical secretariat of the Programme) and the Department of Finance and Economy are working closely to introduce changes in the e-procurement platform of the Government to facilitate monitoring results. In the meanwhile, authorities will send their annual results reports during the first quarter of 2019, to evaluate progress.

The elaboration of annual GPP plans and internal work will all Departments and major agencies of the Basque Government have led to a great increase (by three) of the number of support requests to green tenders for a wide range of product groups. In 2018 about 150 requests were received.

Other relevant milestones have been the establishment of a working group on life-cycle costing of computers, that will continue its work this 2019; the provision of self-training modules on GPP; and the adherence to the UN One Planet SPP Programme.

Furthermore, at the end of 2018/beginning of 2019 meetings were held with Government representatives from all Departments and main agencies and with adhered administrations in order to plan the main activities for this year in order to tailor them to their needs.

The attached infographic summarizes some of the Programme’s indicators for 2016-2018. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact Gorane Ibarra from Ihobe.